Top 6 Lace Wig Colors for Spring


At Ali Annabelle, one of our favorite things about spring is that there is such a big shift in energy. Leaving the cloudy and cool weather behind in the winter, we can now embrace warmth, sunshine, and immaculate, positive vibes. As such, you may want to switch up your hair color to reflect the changing seasons.

No doubt, changing your hair color can make you feel like a brand new woman. Yet, you may not wish to damage your natural hair, or commit to the upkeep those colors and styles can require. Fortunately, we supply all the hottest new colors in our large collection, which is constantly being added to and revamped to reflect current it-styles.


Wondering what’s in for Spring 2022? Consider these 6 trendy hair colors to refresh your look!

Honey Blonde

While you may only see an abundance of platinum blondes in the summer months, honey blondes are the perfect shade for spring. It’s even better if you plan on going lighter for June, July, or August as it gradually warms you up rather than presents you with a drastic color change. Similar to real honey, you can find honey blonde in light and dark colors. The choice really comes down to personal preference, as this color looks absolutely phenomenal on any skin tone.

Brown Highlights

Brown highlights are an excellent way to transition from darker  hair colors in the autumn and winter to spring and summer. They are stylish, sophisticated, and refreshing. Furthermore, the lighter tone highlights against dark brown or black hair add a certain youthful glow to your face. If you are tired of being tired, easily rejuvenate with a gorgeous brown highlight wig!


Desire something a little more daring than highlights? Imagine an astonishing ombre wig. You’ll receive a dramatic color difference between natural black hair and lighter colors yet they will be perfectly blended from dark to light. Giving the impression of natural, sun-loved hair is the perfect way to reign in the new season.


While burgundy is typically an autumn favorite, it is making the hit-list for Spring 2022. Why? Gen Z brought it back in their 1990’s revival. We know any generation will love to join in on this dramatic hue. If you love freedom of expression, dare to be bold with burgundy! For even more of remarkable effect, go short with a blunt cut.

Natural Black

If you are a little more timid with hair colors, or you have a dress code to adhere to for work or school, we have your back. Natural hair has increasingly made the trending lists for the last three years especially when we turn towards summer. Consider maintaining a natural black color but switching up the texture if you do desire a little change. We carry everything from straight hair to water waves.