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What Is A lace Frontal?

Lace Frontal is a half wig that goes from ear to ear and is sewn with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair. 13x4 Lace Frontal is the standard size. That is the difference between a closure and a frontal. This is the best option for women with thinning edges. With lace frontal, you can effortlessly brush your hair back into a ponytail. 13x4 inch Lace frontal saves fewer hair bundles compared to the lace closure. It seems that lace frontal is expensive individually but from the whole, you can buy fewer hair bundles to match. Thus you also save sew-in and wear much comfortable.

A 13x4 lace frontal closure is a piece of human hair lace closure placed at the front of the head. The size of the cheap 13x4 lace frontal closure is 13-Inch across and 4-Inch back. 

13x4 lace frontal

What is a lace closure?

Lace Closures are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. Instead of blending your own natural hair, wearing a closure gives you the option to finish off your style with a piece that will match perfectly to the weave itself. Since your own hair will be protected underneath, you will have the benefits of keeping your own hair healthy (no heat), while flawlessly completing your style. The flexibility and versatility of closures make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed, or the less thrilling receding hairline.


What Is The Difference Between Lace Closure And Lace Frontal?

  1. Size: The biggest difference between a lace frontal and lace closure is size. Lace Closure is typically 4 x4 inches. closures tend to sit in the middle of the head or on the side for a side part look. Lace closures are smaller because their primary purpose is to close off an install hence the name closure. Closures typically only cover a horseshoe size portion at the top or front of an install.

Lace Frontal is typically 13x4 inches. A lace frontal instead will go from ear-to-ear, which gives greater coverage, allowing you to be able to part the hair anywhere and therefore gives more flexibility in styling. Those that want to experiment with textures or colors different from their natural hair would benefit from a frontal as well. The lace frontal would eliminate the need to dye or heat-style your natural hair to blend with your extensions.

  1. Versatility: frontal are used to recreate the hairline from ear to ear whilst closures are used to recreate the natural parting of the hairline and measure about 4inches by 4 inches and are normally sewn into place.

In contrast, the lace frontal is generally meant to be bonded in place in order to enhance the versatility of the styling although, skilled hairdressers can sew a lace frontal behind the hairline using invisible threading. A lace frontal covers the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

  1. Cost: Their cost is not the same. A lace frontal is much more expensive than a lace closure. Both closure and frontal can be sewn in or constructed into a wig. A wig with a frontal will provide its wearer with the most styling versatility, but closures remain the most appropriate option for simple everyday looks (like ones with a middle part) and/or for those who wish to maintain an exact style.

Lace Closure Vs Lace Frontal, Which One Is Better?

Lace closure vs lace frontal, which is better? The truth is that both are great. Both will give you a full and flawless install with the illusion that hair is growing directly from your scalp. The best closure is the closure that looks most natural on you. Closures and Frontal allow you to braid and protect your natural hair. This means that none of your natural hair will be left out. The biggest differences between a lace frontal and lace closures are size, versatility, and cost. 


How To Choose Lace Closure Or Lace Frontal?

Ultimately the decision is dependent on the look you want to achieve and the preference of versatility you want. For most women, lace closure is a necessity to make the wig. Because the lace closure can be the same reality as our own scalp. What’s more, when applying your closure, you can leave some hair and apply 1 or 2cm behind the hairline, which will make your closure look even more realistic and natural. Whatever your hair condition and need are, a frontal will be able to give you more options for styling. So, I will suggest you go with a frontal but it will cost you more when compared with the cost of closure.