5 Types Of Lace Closure Wigs: Hair Textures!


If you have selected a lace closure wig, you have officially entered into the fun part of selecting a wig! Now, you can choose a hair type, texture, color, length, and density! Essentially, now, you can customize your entire look! One of the factors you must take into account is the hair texture. Our team at Ali Annabelle wants to ensure you make the right decision and feel absolutely beautiful in your wig. So, let’s take a look at each of your options to make sure you love your look!


Straight Hair Wig

A straight hair wig is one of the cleanest and minimalist looks you can find. If you opt for a shorter length, you end up with a dramatic edge while if you choose a longer length, you have a smooth and sleek appearance. It may also be easier for you to change your hairstyle, as straight hair is easy to brush or comb through.


Body Wave Wig

A body wave wig is one of our most popular textures. This kind of lace wig gives off a beachy, laidback, and easygoing look. If you wish to have a soft, fluffy hairstyle, this is the perfect wig for you! It is also one of the best options if you work in a corporate environment, as it it balances glamor with professionalism very well.

Kinky Curly Wig

The kinky curly hair texture is also a popular choice for women who are looking to appear more natural, as this wig resembles a common Black hair texture. While you may be growing out or protecting your natural hair, this suits women who still want the same, realistic look. On top of that, it will be way easier to maintain than your actual hair. Washing, air drying, and styling a kinky curly wig is a breeze!

Deep Wave Wig

A deep wave wig is an excellent choice for you if you want to have healthy, soft, and shiny curls. While the deep wave may flow and bounce in the same way as a body wave, the curls are much tighter and springier. Furthermore, if you want a thicker or more voluminous look, this may be an ideal choice. As a lace closure blends in with your natural hair, this can also be a great choice for beginners as the curls blend the best!

Water Wave Wig

The water wave hair texture is one of the most beach-vibe hairstyles, as the hairstyle is reminiscent of the ocean’s rippling surface. The very loose curls are perfect for a longer length look, whether you leave it as flowing locks or throw it into a ponytail. A water wave lace closure is ideal if you want to enhance your natural beauty.


No matter which lace closure hair texture you choose, you are sure to fall in love with the style and look stunning with your choice! Look through our large selection of lace closure wigs today and check out our amazing promotions going on at the moment to acquire significant savings