Why Are Aliannabelle Lace Wigs the Best Quality?


If you take a look at a few of our client reviews, you will notice that our lace wigs receive amazing ratings and reviews. Often, our delighted customers are impressed as soon as they receive their packages, jumping online to write about how the soft, silky hair or the amazing, realistic hairlines or the lack of shedding. Apart from reading these reviews on your desired product pages, you may like to know exactly what sets Ali Annabelle apart from our competition.


Our Lace is High-Quality

Whether you opt for a high-definition (HD) lace wig or a lace closure wig, we always use the highest-quality, fine lace for your piece. We are committed to delivering a comfortable, lightweight, and breathable wig base and providing a realistic, blendable hairline and scalp.

Our Hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair

Many wig companies, unfortunately, advertise unprocessed, real human hair yet they chemically process or dye the hair or mix it in with synthetic hair. At Ali Grace, we want to make sure clients receive exactly what they purchased: 100% virgin human hair. Unless you are purchasing a bleached or dyed hairpiece, your wigs are composed of natural, unprocessed hair. In this way, you can better predict the outcomes of dying or styling your wig

Our Hair is High-Grade

Each lace wig is made with high-grade human hair. The higher the grade of hair, the more likely it was all taken from one donor. Since we prioritize your ability to dye, style, and maintain your beautiful wig, we believe it is important for your hairpieces to contain hair from the same donor.

Our Lace Wigs Are Composed with Care

From designing our lace wigs to collecting high-quality hair materials, to composing your hairpieces, we oversee every section of its creation to ensure it meets our standards. If we wouldn't wear it on our own heads, we will not send it out to our clients. Every cut, every knot, and every stitch is carefully watched over.

Our Lace Wigs are Affordable

We believe that every woman who needs or desires a gorgeous wig should be able to obtain one. Our team is delighted to provide affordable pricing and give great deals on a regular basis. We think that considering the needs of our customers is a big part of offering high-quality products.

Want to see the quality of our lace wigs and other hairpieces for ourselves? Browse our stunning collection, view our large array of options, and purchase one for yourself! Your experience with wigs is about to be spectacular!