Which Lace Wigs Are the Coolest Wigs in Summer Heat?


You may already know that lace wigs are one the best wig options in the sweltering summer heat, as they are so lightweight, breathable, and beautiful!

Naturally, as temperatures begin to increase well beyond a comfortable level, you may wonder which lace wigs will keep you the absolute coolest. After all, June, July, and August are just a minute away and you need to be prepared for hot, sunny days! We’ve composed an expert list of lace wig types, from coolest to warmest.

1 ) The Coolest Lace Wig for Summer is the 360 Lace Wig

Out of all the lace wigs, a 360 lace front wig will keep you the coolest. As it has breathable, sheer lace all around the hairline, allowing your whole scalp to breathe and feel constant airflow. Additionally, with a 360 lace wig, you have the chance to pull your hair off your neck and into a high ponytail or high bun. Since this is the case, you may be able to beat the heat in more ways than one.

2 ) Runner Up for Coolest Lace Wig for Summer: Lace Front

A lace front wig has fine lace running from ear to ear, across the hairline. Since it contains a large portion of lace, exactly where most people feel sweat buildup in hotter weather, you’ll be able to keep a cool and dry brow.

3 ) Lace Closure

A lace closure wig is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maintain their composure in the heat, yet also feel the air circulating through their natural hair. With lace closure, you can incorporate your natural hair in with your choice of hair texture and even hair bundles if you so wish. For this reason, you may feel cooler with a lace closure than other types of wigs or weaves.

4) UPart

Similar to a lace closure wig, you will have the opportunity to include your natural hair in with your choice of real human hair. The U-Part also contains lace along the front and sides of your head, allowing you to feel cool precisely where the sun and heat will affect you the most.

5) Lace Part

A lace part wig contains the least amount of lace out of all the lace wigs. Although it is still much cooler than any traditional type of wig, it is the warmest wig out of the lace wigs. That said, it may be a great choice for anyone who only usually feels hot at the top of their head or plans to go out on light-medium hot and sunny days. Additionally, since you can wear a lace part with braids or pigtails, you may be able to keep cool in this way.