When Did Lace Wigs Become So Popular?


Do you love lace wigs? You may be curious about their history and when they started gaining popularity! Afterall, their past can tell us a great deal about how long they will stick around and if they are worth the investment. Let’s look into some of their key moments!

Of course, lace wigs have their roots in wigs. Wigs go all the way back to ancient times, specifically in Ancient Egypt. They made their wigs with human hair, wool, palm leaves, amongst other natural materials. Another prominent moment in wig history is when the Europeans would wear expensive, white wigs to showcase their style and wealth.


Wigs became popular for the black community in the 1920’s. This was mainly because chemical relaxing and heat-styling for natural black hair was long, drawn-out, and often painful. Straight hair gave black women a chance to achieve the same hairstyles with ease.

As time went on, women spoke out about how uncomfortable, hot, itchy, and often unrealistic wigs could be! In the 2000’s, as wigs became more popular again, there was a demand for something better than the traditional wig. Lace wigs were introduced and gained popularity quickly due to their beautiful,

natural look. In particular, the lace frontal wig offered many advantages over the regular type of wig, such as:

  • Breathable: The lace wig was made of a thin lace which allowed air to pass through easily. This was excellent in comparison to the traditional, thick and durable material other types of wigs were made out of.
  • Lightweight: A lace wig was also more comfortable than a regular wig as it was not as heavy.
  • Easy Application: A lace wig could be cut and arranged easily in comparison to the common types of wigs. They were also simpler to install! Today, this is even easier as lace wigs often come with pre plucked hairlines, baby hair all around, and bleached knots.
  • Easy Care: Since a lace wig was easier to care for, remove frequently, and install on a regular basis, many women began to take better care of their natural hair underneath as well. This led to less hair and scalp issues over time.
  • More Styling Options: As lace wigs grew in popularity, more types of lace wigs were introduced which led to greater styling options. Whereas traditional wigs were incredibly limited with whether you could achieve a hairstyle without being noticeable, the different lace wigs allowed for top knots just as easily as they could allow low buns or loose hair.
  • Realism: With other types of wigs, it was difficult to conceal that they were wigs. Lace wigs offered a way to appear as though you were wearing your natural hair. Today, they are almost completely undetectable as long as they are installed properly!

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