Top 5 Common Questions About Lace Wigs


At Ali Annabelle, our main goal is to help clients look and feel their absolute best. One of the ways we make that happen is through informing and educating our customers on how to choose the perfect hair piece and how to install and care for those hair pieces.


Naturally, you may have some questions about our lace wigs. We want to provide you with immediate answers to those time-sensitive questions! Browse below to find the answers to our most popular questions or take advantage of our exceptional customer service. Our team is always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


What is the difference between a lace wig and a traditional wig?

While you may be accustomed to normal wigs, a lace wig offers you a completely different wig experience. A lace wig has hair that is knotted or sewn into a sheer lace cap construction. In this way, it provides you with an invisible hairline, undetectable hair part, and a lightweight and breathable base. They are available in many different styles, giving you customizable parts and hairstyle opportunities.


What factors do I need to consider when choosing a lace wig?

If it is your first time selecting or purchasing a lace wig, you may need assistance navigating all the different choices. In particular, you must pay attention to:

  1. The cap construction as it will affect the hair part and hairstyles you can achieve. At Ali Annabelle, you can choose from HD Lace Wigs, Lace Closure Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, Lace Part Wigs, and U-Part Wigs.
  2. The hair type as this will affect how comfortable you are with caring for and styling your hair. You can choose from Peruvian, Malaysian, or Brazilian hair.
  3. The hair grade because this indicates if all the hair comes from the same donor At Ali Annabelle, we supply highgrade hair since we want our customers to be able to predict how their hair reacts.
  4. The hair density because this will determine how voluminous your hair will be!
  5. The head measurements since it is important to get a precise fit for maximum comfort and safety.


Are lace wigs for beginners?

Fortunately, lace wigs can be used by anyone, even if you are new to wearing wigs! The sheer lace, pre plucked hairlines,  baby hairs all around, bleached knots, and adjustable straps add to the ease of wearing lace wigs. That said, you may have the best luck with a lace closure, as these are the simplest lace wigs to install and wear.


How can I change my lace wig?

Although there are many lace wig options so that you can choose the perfect wig for you, you may wish to change your wig to suit your tastes. Luckily, this is completely possible with lace wigs. You can bleach, dye, cut, and style your lace wig however you like because it is made with real, highgrade human hair!


Are lace wigs more expensive than other types of lace wigs?

Lace wigs are more expensive than most traditional wigs and synthetic hair wigs. This is due to their high-quality materials and construction leaving you with a beautiful, realistic finished product. At Ali Annabelle, we want everyone to experience this magic for themselves. This is precisely why we offer such affordable prices and incredible offers.