What’s A Good Density For A Wig


Everyone who will buy a wig or already has the wig knows that wig density is essential. If you don't choose the proper thickness, it will cause you to have an appropriate wig setting.

Some people find it challenging to choose the proper density for a wig, which causes them frustration. Let's get in detail about how to choose the right hair density.


Wig Density


Wig density estimates how full your hairpiece is: it's communicated as a rate going from low hair thickness (50-60%) to high hair thickness (200% and up). A hairpiece's thickness straightforwardly influences how full your hairpiece will care for you to set it on. Low-thickness hairpieces will look more slender, while higher thickness hairpieces will look fuller.


Instructions to Choose the Right Wig Density


Picking the right hairpiece thickness expects you to think about a significant number of elements, including your way of life, age, and that's just the beginning. 


How about we hop into these elements and more to assist you with picking the right hairpiece thickness for you!

1. Your favored haircut and length:

When picking your hairpiece thickness, it's fundamental to consider whether you'll be wearing your hair long, short, wavy, wavy, and so on. Different hair surfaces and lengths significantly affect the general look of your hairpiece. 

High densities pair well with longer styles and straight hair. Lower densities are best for short types and thicker finished hair.

2. Your average hair thickness:

If you generally break your hair down and need your hairpiece to appear to be indistinguishable from your hair, you ought to pick a thickness like your regular thickness. 

For example, assuming that your normal hair is fine and on the meager side, you should pick a hairpiece thickness closer to 130% to 150% territory. Then again, assuming your normal hair is exceptionally thick and full, a higher thickness hairpiece (180-250%) will give you the most traditional look.

3. Your way of life:

Your way of life is perhaps the main thing to think about while picking your hairpiece thickness. Assuming you sweat a great deal or frequently participate in active severe work, you should choose a lower-thick hairpiece that will keep you more relaxed. 

Then again, assuming that you need a hairpiece to wear on a night out on the town or young ladies' evening, a high-thickness wig will give you the completion you want to blow some people's minds!

4. Your age:

You might need to think about your age while picking a thickness level for your hairpiece. As we age, our hair usually disperses. Thus, assuming you're going for a consistent with life look and you're beyond 50 years old, you might need to settle on a lower thickness hairpiece.

5. Hair Textures:

Consider the surface of your ideal hairpiece while picking the thickness. For example, wavy surfaces give the deception of totality, so you may not require as much consistency in a wavy wig. 

On the other hand, straight hairpieces will often look more slender, so picking a higher thickness will frequently be the better decision.

Materials matter: Wigs with a similar thickness level can appear unique, relying upon the nature of the hair and materials utilized. For the best generally speaking look, we suggest that you pick hair pieces made of 100 percent virgin or Remy human hair.


Hairpiece thickness is one of the main parts of any hairpiece, as it can represent the moment of truth of your wig-wearing experience. 


High-thickness hairpieces are the ideal choice for individuals who need a full head of hair with vast loads of volume, and character.