Tips for Women to Protect Natural Hair


If you are a POC, protecting your natural hair may be of particular importance to you. This is mainly because it takes extra work and care in order to maintain your hair, keep it healthy, and promote hair growth. It may also be the case that improper care, health conditions, major life events, or stressful circumstances have led to hair loss or damaged hair. For these reasons, you may wish to restore your natural silkiness, shine, or luster or grow out your natural hair. At Ali Grace, we are invested in helping women look and feel their best. We asked our hair experts to provide their top tips for protecting natural hair. Follow along below to learn more!


1 . Braid Your Hair

Although many women choose to pull their hair into a tight, low bun or knot before putting on a wig, you may benefit more from placing your lace hair in a protective hairstyle. You can accomplish this by putting your hair in braids, plaits, or cornrows. It not only allows your hair to remain safe from friction, it can help you cleanse your scalp and roots easily.


2 . Always Add Moisture

Before and during placing your hair in a protective hairstyle, be sure to add moisture near the scalp and appropriate hair oils during the braiding process. After wearing your wig and before bed, it is important to add further moisture as you may have lost a significant amount during the day.


3 . Use Gentle Bases, Caps, and Bonnets

Your main mission is to treat your hair as gently as possible. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is to invest in premium materials to keep your hair safe. Sheer and lightweight swiss lace wig bases, silk wig caps, and satin bonnets or scarves are excellent products for your natural hair. You can also purchase satin pillowcases if you do not feel like wrapping your hair at night.


4 . Keep Your Hair Dry Underneath a Wig

One of the main reasons we recommend putting moisture in your hair at night, before bed, is because your hair will be dry by morning. If you add moisture to your hair underneath your wig, your hair will be wet. Unfortunately, this moist environment is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. You can ensure this doesn’t occur by keeping your hair dry and investing in a sheer, breathable lace wig.


5 . Trim Your Natural Hair

Even if you are wearing wigs and extensions, it is important to perform regular trims on your natural hair. It will ultimately keep your hair in healthy condition and promote regular hair growth.

 6. Buy High Quality Hair Pieces

It is easy to damage your natural hair if you purchase and wear low-quality wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. Save yourself the grief and purchase high-quality hair pieces right from the start. On the plus side, premium quality will last longer and will be easier to keep looking beautiful.