Things You Need to Know About Curly Hair and Blonde Hair


There are several reasons why Black women wear wigs, including hair loss and the desire to try different styles and colors of hair. In addition to boosting your confidence, a human hair wig for black women is easy to style according to your tastes. Blonde and curly hair are popular among Black women who like to change their looks as per the occasion, season and mood. 

This blog will discuss the two most popular kinds of hair wigs, Curly Hair and Blonde Hair. Firstly, let's look at these two top hair wig types.

 Curly Hair Wigs 

There is something sensual and luxurious about virgin curly hair. It is established that curly hair is S-curled, which means it has two bends. Small and tight curls are featured in this type of hair. A hairstyle with this characteristic usually looks more voluminous than one with another. Due to its fluffy appearance, you may find it difficult to style it in a way that flatters your facial structure. Keeping it curled will require a curling tool.

Why Curly Hair is Good

  • Hair with curls tends to be bouncier since the curls are denser.
  • There is more curly hair in curly weft than in wavy weft. A curly hairstyle has curls, whereas a wavy hairstyle has waves. The curls of the curled hair of the black woman do not run straight, in contrast to waves.
  • Curly hair has a coarse texture, similar to wool. Curly hair tends to be found in people from hot, humid climates, just as it is common for black women and people with black heritage from African countries to wear curly hair.
  • Despite what many people think, curly natural hair is soft in feel. Curly hair is also often regarded as thick; however, it is also possible to have fine curly hair.

Blonde Hair Wigs 

The 613 blonde human hair wigs for black women are named after the blonde hair color, and we offer them in various colors, e.g., light blonde hair wigs, blond platinum hair wigs, blonde strawberry hair wigs, etc. Choosing a hair color matching your size makes the right blonde wig easy to find at Ali Annabelle Hair. 

What is Special about Blonde Hair 

  • Maybe this is just a stereotype, but it has some truth. Most people generally view blondes as more attractive, so you will feel the same about yourself when you become blonde.
  • Blonde hair changes make people feel younger and look brighter.
  • Blonde hair can bring back your youth and brighten up your face.
  • Especially in cultures where blonde hair is rare, blonde hair is associated with beauty and appeal. Nowadays, blonde hair is quite common in Western societies, but it is still regarded as very attractive.
  • There is no doubt that the working world reflects this, but blondes tend to be more likeable, which is quite misleading. You are more desirable and likeable if you have blonde hair.

Best Place To Buy Good Quality Curly And Blonde Human Hair Wigs For Black Women

We hope that you will be able to find a human hair wig that best suits your needs. With 100% human hair, Ali Annabelle Hair provides 100% Brazilian hair weave bundles, wigs with water waves, and wigs of the highest quality.