How To Tell If Your Hair Extensions Are Really Human Or Not


Hair extensions are getting an essential part of every women's life. For people who don't have thick and long hair unluckily, hair extensions can be a lifesaver for them. They can get their life back and enjoy their dream hair again.

Human hair extensions are an excellent choice for everyone as they have a long life, and you can style them as you want without damage. But when you go to buy a hair extension, it is essential to check whether your extension is human hair because there is so much mixing nowadays in the market.


How To Check Your Extention Are Human Or Synthetic

Here are some of the essential points to be more aware of your extensions. These steps will help you detect human hair extensions.


Check The Expense Out

Assuming the expense appears to be excessively valid, there's a decent opportunity for the expansions to be phony. Considering you are purchasing and accommodating your hair expansions as an expert salon, remember that you are also paying for your beautician's abilities.

Human hair extension will always cost you more. So be aware if you will buy human hair at less price. It may have some mixing.


Think About The Provider

A trustworthy hair expansions provider will constantly give you nitty-gritty data on your buying hair. Figure out where the hair was obtained before you buy it - hair from Russia, Brazil, and India will generally be the most costly. It's likewise better assuming all of the hair comes from a similar source.

The trustworthy retailer will never lie to you on natural hair as they have a reputation, and they cannot risk it. So better to reach a good provider by doing an incredible amount of research so you can get natural human hair.


See Whether The Strands Were Blended

Most salons invest energy in hand-production each strand of their hair expansions, making the most regular outcome. If a salon can't see how the strands were blended, it very well may be an indication that your extensions are phony.


Check The First Bundling Out

Before buying new extensions or introducing them, request to see the first bundling. Quality hair augmentations are significant and bundled in a vacuum fixed pack and are spread out or tied in a pigtail.

Hair that seems to have been featured or dyed and any harmed fingernail skin - all fingernail skin ought to confront a similar heading.


Conversations with Your Stylist

While you're managing a trustworthy salon and an accomplished beautician, there is, as of now, a vastly improved possibility that you will get quality human hair extensions. 

A beautician should be more than glad to examine the establishment and support of your hair extensions with you, guaranteeing you accomplish the outcomes you're expecting.

Assuming your beautician urges you to stay away from heat styling, you might need to continue to look around.



Human hair is an excellent choice for you with its superb life span. Above, we have given you essential steps that can help you quickly detect whether your extension is human or not.