How To Protect Your Hair in the Summer


Summer is one of the seasons where you want to look your best, as you probably get out and about more often. What’s not to love about lounging by the pool or beach, heading to a restaurant terrace, or going out on the town in beautiful weather? An absolutely gorgeous wig can add to your confidence, beauty, and style, yet, you may have a few concerns about wearing a wig in the summer. Naturally, the sun, the heat, and the humidity can factor into your decision to wear a wig at all. Luckily, our AliAnnabelle hair team is here to help you make sure you stay cool and your wig stays in excellent condition this summer. Follow along below to find out more!

Choose an Appropriate Wig

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your wig is to choose a wig that can breathe in the summer sun and heat. A traditional wig that traps your sweat and hair oils between your scalp and the wig can damage your wig quickly. It can also cause you to overheat and be incredibly uncomfortable. You may also experience the natural urge to adjust or itch your wig when this occurs, leading to further damage.

Fortunately, there are better wigs for warmer weather - lace wigs. Lace wigs are made of sheer, lightweight, and breathable lace. Apart from the obvious benefits of being ultra-realistic and providing a natural hairline, you can also experience airflow. You are bound to sweat less in a lace wig, due to the lace, but you are also less likely to experience a build-up of any sweat or oils. Additionally, since it is lightweight, you won’t feel as uncomfortable. You may also wish to add on to the comfort by opting for a shorter or less dense wig in the summer!

Keep Your Wig Off Your Neck and Forehead

As aforementioned, many wig-wearers opt for a shorter, bob wig in the summer just to keep the hair off their neck and make their wig cooler. Another option is to choose a 360 lace frontal and throw your hair up into a high ponytail or top knot. Likewise, you could choose a headband wig to keep your hair off your forehead while maintaining awesome style. These tips may be especially important for real human hair, as your sweat can mix too easily with the hair.

Wash Your Wig More Often

Typically, we recommend only washing your hair a couple-few times a month to keep damage to a minimum. During the summer, you may need to wash your wig more often because of the sweat and oils that will build up in real human hair. Of course, proper conditioning or re-moisturizing your hair is essential if you wash it more often. A great idea is to invest in a recovery conditioner or serum, made especially for sun damage on wigs.

Wear a Stylish Hat or Headscarf

While you can wear your wig from time to time in direct sunlight, you do not want to expose it for too long or too often. Try wearing a stylish hat or silk headscarf if you go out in the mid-day sun and heat!