How To Make the Color of The Wig Lace that Match Your Scalp


Buying a lace wig for black women and finding out your lace doesn't match your tone surely frustrates us. Many wig-wearers ladies make the mistake of choosing the wrong lace color and question, 'what is the lace color for my skin'. Here we will discuss different ways and methods of Making the Color of The Wig Lace Match Your Scalp. 

Remember, when searching for your perfect lace match, you do not always find the exact color match of your scalp. Lace tinting is a good way to go and get the results you want, a natural and unnoticed lace wig for black women! 

To begin, part your hair and examine your scalp's color. Consider going lighter instead of darker if your perfect match is hard to find. You can also choose transparent lace if that isn't your style. If you decide to make this choice, choose the HD transparent lace for black women.

HD lace is known for being undetectable, making it the perfect blend. Consider your budget, and see if you can handle HD lace delicately.

What is the best way to Make the Color of The Wig Lace Match Your Scalp

Try these lace tinting methods if the lace you chose does not match.

You can use these methods to darken lace in a lighter shade than the hair skin color.

Lace Color Method 1 - Makeup or Foundation

You can darken your lace in no time with your concealer and foundation. However, this will only last for a short time. You can adjust the color of your lace frontal with a foundation brush and powder.

Take your frontal, turn it inside out, apply your concealer or foundation, press it into your lace and blend it as closely as possible to the color of your scalp. Using this lace tinting, you can achieve the right lace match in no time.

Lace Color Method 2: Dyeing the Lace

Prepare a warm basin of water to begin this lace Tinting method. Pick a dye shade that complements the tone of your skin, and if you want a darker lace color. You will need just a couple of drops of liquid dye, and you will need to soak the lace for about ten minutes.

Once the color has set in, wash it with cold water. The products you use are up to you. Allow the hair to dry after washing and conditioning. Thought is a one-time effort, but results are everlasting. 

Lace Color Method 3: Knot Bleaching

Lace color can also be lightened by knot bleaching. Add the cream developer to the bleach in a bowl. Once the mixture reaches the right consistency, it will not leak underneath the lace, and you won't have to worry about bleaching your hair.

Put bleach on the lace of your lace wig with bleach after turning it inside out. After 15 minutes, let it sit, and wash it in cool water. To prevent over-processing, use a shampoo that neutralizes the pH. 

Method 4: Shampoo in Purple

 If your lace is too dark, you can use shampoo in purple to lighten it. With purple shampoo, you'll be able to balance the tones in your lace and eliminate its yellow hue.

When your lace color differs from your skin color, this lace help comes in handy for making the Color of The Wig Lace Match Your Scalp. No doubt, making lace colors that match your skin color will give you a more natural appearance.