How to Detect a Good Quality Lace Wig


When you are looking online for a good quality lace wig, it can be difficult to know if retailers are telling the truth. As Ali Annabelle is committed to providing high-value hairpieces and products, we know a thing or two about how to detect a high-quality lace wig vs a low-quality lace wig. We want to help customers protect themselves if they are searching elsewhere for a product. Likewise, we want our clients to feel safe when they make a first-time order with us, rest assured that we have high standards for every piece we ship. Read more to find out the marks of a good-quality lace wig.

Retailer Has Photos of Real Women Wearing Wigs

When a website only shows photos of their wigs on wig stands, it’s very difficult to know if the lace wig looks natural. If they include women wearing the wig and it looks flawless, this is a green flag. Additionally, if they go one step further and let clients upload their own photos of the product while they are wearing it  - double green flag. You can easily see how these women wear the wig and if it looks fake, or unnatural. It offers you a clear visual of the retailer's standards, even if this isn’t the case with every single product.

Retailer Allows Reviews

Some high-end websites do not allow their customers to create reviews. Yet, if you flock to other review platforms, you’ll find out their quality is sub-par. A retailer showcasing their client reviews is a good indication you’re dealing with a good company. You can easily read up on their products and their quality through these reviews.

High-Grade Hair

One thing to pay attention to when looking at lace wigs is the grade of hair. If it is high-grade human hair, you can expect the wig to be of high-quality. Bonus points if the hair is unprocessed - chemicals, relaxers, bleaches, and dyes can easily damage human hair. If the wig has virgin human hair, this is the softest, healthiest, and most beautiful hair you can find on the market.

Attention to Detail

If the retailer takes the time to add extra features to make their clients' lives easier, that is a great sign of quality. For instance, they may include a pre-plucked hairline or baby hairs along the hairline. For a customer, this means less time spent styling and trying to make the wig look as realistic as possible.

Client Reviews on Bleached or Dyed Lace Wigs

If you are purchasing a lace wig from a new retailer, pay close attention to the ratings and reviews on any bleached or dyed lace wigs. If the reviews indicate that there is low shedding, shiny and soft hair even after the first wash, and no strong chemical smells, you can consider these green flags all around. This means the retailer takes special care when bleaching, dying or highlighting their lace wigs.

Not Too Cheap

While we are dedicated to providing affordable prices for our hairpieces, we know there are some retailers that offer unbelievably low prices for lace wigs. They are unbelievable for a reason - corners are cut in some way. At Ali Annabelle, we do our very best to provide low prices while maintaining high-value materials and composition.