How to Buy a Lace Wig Like a Pro


If you are intimidated by the world of wigs, you are not alone! There are many women who are first-time lace-wig buyers wondering what they need to look for in a wig. Luckily, our Ali Annabelle experts are here to help you out. We’ve compiled an easy-to-follow guide that can assist you in choosing a lace wig. Soon, you’ll be picking out your own lace wig like a real pro!

Simply answer a few questions below, and you’ll find out how to choose a lace wig quickly and easily!


1 ) What hairstyles do you usually wear?

Before you pick out a lace wig cap construction, you need to know which hairstyles you usually wear on a regular basis. Some cap constructions limit the amount and types of styles you can do with your hair, while others offer a high amount of versatility.

If you are a fan of loose hair, braids, low pigtails, low ponytails, or low buns, you may like lace front wigs, full lace wigs, and lace closures. On the other hand, if you prefer to additionally accomplish high ponytails or top knots, consider a 360 lace wig. Need something easy that pulls the hair out of your hair? Try a headband wig!

2) Are you comfortable with styling?

There are two options when it comes to choosing a hair texture: choose a hair texture you are comfortable with styling or choose a pre-set hair texture and simply maintain the style. At Ali Annabelle, we offer a large array of hair textures so you can get the exact look you desire. We have straight hair, body wave, kinky curly, deep wave, loose wave, and water wave.

3) What is your preferred length of hair?

Your length of hair is usually all personal preference! However, make sure you consider how long it will take to wash, dry, and style longer hair. Additionally, longer hair adds weight to your wig so if you frequently suffer from tension headaches, perhaps opt for a shorter do! We offer pixie cuts and short bobs all the way to 34-inch long hair!

4) What hair color would you like?

If you are planning to blend your natural hair in with your lace wig, make sure to opt for natural hair color. One of the advantages of opting for natural black or dark brown hair is that you will receive 100% unprocessed virgin hair. Since this is the case, it will look healthy, shiny, and soft. However, if you wish to take some of the pressure off by dying your hair, you can choose a blonde wig that has been carefully bleached and toned. You can also look through our stunning array of color wigs; we have so many popular options you may absolutely love.

5) What are your head measurements?

It is incredibly important to choose a wig that suits your head size. If you choose the wrong size, you will be uncomfortable and have to adjust your wig throughout the day. Take a few moments to measure your head and select the option that matches you for the best fit.

6) Are you a fan of volume?

The last step is to choose your hair density! Hair density refers to how voluminous your hair will appear. If you love the bombshell look, opt for the highest density. Yet, if you prefer a more natural look, aim for low-medium densities.