How Do I Know If My Hair Is 100% Human Hair?


After buying synthetic hair in the name of organic Human Hair Wigs for Black women from other companies, our buyers are afraid of being scammed again. There are indeed many retailers who sell fake weave bundles rather than a real human hair for black women. 

The following points will assist you in navigating the natural hair world more easily and reducing your chances of losing money. Experts use the following methods to distinguish real virgin human hair wigs for black women from fake virgin hair.

1.Burn Check

Human Hair:

1)A burnt scent emanates from burning

2)Like coke, it burns out very quickly

Turns to ash, but only slightly


1) It smells like burning plastic 

2) It feels sticky and worn out

3) Ash from burning hair easily falls off 

2.Chemical Check

Check to see if there are still any chemicals in the hair. It should be chemical-free if it is a 100% human hair wig for black women. It's not human hair if it melts rather than burns, smells rubbery, or emits black smoke. You can do a smell test to distinguish synthetic hair from real human hair.

3.Cuticle Check

There should be cuticles on 100% hair wigs for black women. An acid bath will usually strip the cuticles if it doesn't. Run your finger over your hair to check for cuticles. You should feel resistance going up the hair shaft but smoothness down the shaft.

4.A "too-perfect" check

Since 100% human hair is sourced directly from donors' scalps, it usually contains imperfections. If you feel that the hair is "too perfect," it most likely is.

5.Using bleach

Depending on the grade, bleaching human hair speeds up the lightning process. Almost certainly, a fake will burn.


The purchase of synthetic hair from an unethical businessman can be dangerous. Finding the right hair will also be helped by great surveys from trustworthy individuals.


Since it is made from 100% human hair, human hair wigs for black women tend to be softer, shinier, and longer lasting. Touch the hair to feel its texture. Scales cover each strand of natural hair. When rubbing downwards, the hair should be smooth, but if rubbing upwards, it should feel different and resist. Synthetic hair is smooth whichever way you rub it.


It is also possible to get hair for a much lower price. Prices that are too low should be avoided, even if they are on sale. Vendors who sell real hair wigs for black women will try to get a good price. The point here is not that you should go for overrated hair. Price comparison of human hair bundles can help you choose the most affordable.


There will be some tangling with human hair wigs, but it will be minimal. Longer hair is more likely to tangle, especially at the back of the neck; however, you shouldn't worry about this. Be attentive if the knots are too many.


Human hair can show this too, but extremes are not real. When combing your hair, you should only see a couple of strands to shed. Hair will stay on the weave if the wefts are sealed. To reduce shedding, comb the hair weave from the tips to the roots with a wide-tooth comb.