Best Tips for Choosing Affordable and High Quality Hair Extensions


If you are considering hair extensions, you may have noticed that they can be quite expensive in comparison with other hair products. At Ali Annabelle, we believe that everyone should have access to the hair products they need and desire. One of our main missions is to provide affordable wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. Yet, we also stand by our standards for premium quality hair and compositions. The result? Every hair piece you receive from Ali Grace is both top quality and the most affordable it can be.

We also want to make sure you choose and receive exactly what you are looking for when you purchase our hair extensions. Follow along with our expert tips below:

1 .  Choose Human Hair Over Synthetic

100% human hair is the best type of hair extension that you can choose for your hair. Although synthetic hair has certainly come a long way to look similar to human hair, nothing can compare to the way human hair looks and feels. This is especially important when choosing hair extensions, as you want it to match and blend with your natural hair as much as possible.

 2 .  Select the Correct Hair Texture

If you are choosing 100% virgin human hair, you do not have to worry about the quality of the hair when selecting texture. That said, hair texture will make a great impact on how your hair blends with your natural hair and how it can be styled. For instance, Malaysian hair can be naturally wavy and silky while Brazilian hair can be straight or wavy.

3 . Pick a High Grade Hair

When you are selecting hair extensions or weaves, hair quality and fullness will be impacted by the hair grade. Ultimately, for the best quality of hair, it is important to stay within the range of 8A to 12A grade virgin human hair. When you purchase hair within these parameters, you will be opting for full, healthy, and rich looking hair. In this way, when you are installing your hair pieces, you will not be disappointed by the final look.

4 . Pay Attention to the Ends

It is very important to pay attention to the ends when you are buying hair extensions, as this can make or break your hair look and style. For instance, at Ali Grace, we make sure all our hair pieces have thick, full, and healthy hair ends.

5 . The Amount of Hair Pieces

When you are purchasing hair extensions, it is wise to know ahead of time how many extensions you will need to complete your look properly. In this way, you can save the most money by opting for packages rather than buying hair pieces separately. If you do not know how many extensions you will need, you may wish to ask the opinion of a professional hair stylist. You may also desire to have your hair extensions installed by a qualified professional, as it can be tricky to pull off on one’s own.