5 Tips about How to Moisturize Your Human Hair Wig


Among black women worldwide, real human hair wigs are highly desirable due to their natural look and silky feel. Due to their style and versatility, they are popular among black women even after decades.

Taking good care of your human hair wig can make it last much longer than artificial wigs. It is better to moisturize your human hair wigs to make them look more natural, and using the best moisturizer is important. But do you know how to moisturize your human hair wig? Before, you should know why a human hair wig loses its harm in a shorter time.

Tangled and dry human hair wigs: why do they happen?

  • Human hair wigs can fade if they are exposed to hard water or become dry.
  • Human hair wigs can become brittle after being exposed to the sun.
  • Excessive chlorine exposure can also lead to an unmanageable human hair wig. 
  • As with hard water and chlorine, ocean water can damage hair wigs.
  • Here are some steps to keep our human hair wigs moisturized.

Step 1: Cleansing and Moisturizing with Natural Oil

The purpose of this guide is to provide your human hair wig with the necessary moisturizing. Therefore, applying a coat of oil to your wig is the starting point in moisturizing it.

The best thing you can do for your human hair wig is gently applied organic oil, like Moroccan oil or coconut oil, and spread it all over. Under a shower cap, let your wig soak in the moisturizer for roughly 30 minutes.

Step 2: Washing with Shampoo

Next, you need to wash your human hair wig. After pre-washing, wash your hair thoroughly with a sulfate-free shampoo. Run the water parallel to the hair to avoid tangles. After that, use a moisturizing wig shampoo to clean your wig.

Step 3: Applying the Human Hair Wig Moisturizer

You will need to apply a moisturizing conditioner after rinsing off the shampoos. Thoroughly cover the front of the wig with a human hair wig conditioner. Be sure to rinse the moisturizing conditioner after three to five minutes thoroughly. This step is likely to create tangles, so remove them carefully. Once the knots are removed, gently comb your wig or run your finger through it.

Step 4: Wig deep conditioning

Your wig will then need a deep conditioner. Remember to add an extra application of a good human hair wig conditioner to your wig's ends and ensure your conditioner is applied evenly.

Step 5: Dry Your Wig

You can wring your human hair wig once you've rinsed it completely. To prevent damage, be careful in drying it. After wringing out the extra water from your wig, lay it on a dry towel. Once the excess moisture has been pressed, drape the wig with the other half of the towel.

The safest way to dry your wig is to place it on a hair stand and let it air dry. Alternatively, if you want to recreate a newly refreshed human hair wig with a comb and a blow-dryer, use a low temperature and a human hair wig with the help of a wide comb. Don't forget to spray your hair with a heat-protecting spray before you curl or style your hair!

There you have it, our 5-step guide on moisturizing a human hair wig, including advice on restoring your stunning wig with care and the right moisturizer.